Beyond Walking Distance: Hiking near the Susquehanna.

So I’m Tired. Good tired. Went hiking near (and in) the Susquehanna river with a friend today. Most of my nature adventures happen within easy walking distance of my home, but I got to get away to a larger more scenic area. Based on my photography, some people might think I live in some pristine old growth forest, but that is far from the truth. I mostly frequent two very small and poorly manged woods, it only looks pristine because I take extreme close-ups of my most notable finds.

I really am tired after today’s hike, so I will just let the photos do the talking except for mentioning two highlights.

1. We managed to make our way through silt, muck, mud, and water to a tiny windy island with seagulls and vultures flying nearby.

2. My friend spotted some small sassafras trees, so I dug some roots to share with a lady from our church.

Hopefully you enjoy actually getting to see some photographs with scenery in them for once.

Thanks for reading, I hope to actually get my 1st book review up soon.



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