Spring is Here, and some fishing stories.

Spring is here, it is official. Not so much because the calendar says so, but for me at least, because the world around me says so. Everywhere I walk there are new faces and familiar friends emerging from the cool damp soil. There are daffodils blooming on the way to the library, leaf buds forming on the branches of spice bush, and an old man with a big white beard casting his line into the pond at the park.

The old man told us that he had caught a huge bass, but it had fallen off his hook and flopped back into the water. I was fairly skeptical about the veracity of his story, but much less so five minutes later when we saw (and heard) a real big one jumping and splashing near the opposite bank.

Speaking of fishing, I will share the details of me and my two and a half year old son’s first timid steps toward becoming fishermen. Before that however, are photos of some of the plants that are displaying signs of new life. I will discuss all these plants and their uses in further detail in future posts, but for now I just wanted to show them as they first appear.

Photo of spring beauty plant in the woods.
Spring beauty (Claytonia virginica) in the woods (mixed in with various other plants).
Photo of spring beuaty plant in a pot.
A potted spring beauty.
Photo of honewort emerging.
First honewort (Cryptotaenia canadenis) leaf emerging next to last year's stalk.
Photo of new wineberry leaves.
New wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius) leaves.
Photo of violet leaves emerging.
Violet (Viola species) leaves emerging.
Photo of my son playing with mullein.
My son playing with mullein (Verbascum thapsus).
Photo of my son holding his fishing rod over the pond.
My son (mr. jeremy fisher?).

So today started out rainy and not nearly as warm as is has been. I figured that my son and I would be stuck inside for most of the day. In the early afternoon, I realized that it had stopped raining, and decided that we needed to head out for a brief walk. I grabbed the fishing rod that I just finished making for him, and put him in his stroller. As we approached the edge of the yard, I told him that he could practice fishing while we walked. He had a different idea however. He said “Go to the park, Go to the park, Go to the park!”. So we walked to the pond at the park and went sort of fishing.

I say sort of because we didn’t actually have a hook on the end of the line, I just tied a little piece of bread to the end. I haven’t gone fishing since I was five years old (and swore that I would never go fishing again, It isn’t a pleasant story), so I might not be the best teacher. I was impressed with how little help he needed, and he got three bluegills to take the bait well enough that I’m sure we would have caught them if there was a hook on the line. We also manged to start a bluegill feeding frenzy, which turned out to be as interesting to him, so we switched over to just feeding the fish.

I’m going to get my license soon (sorry five year old Nate). Hopefully I will be catching some bluegills to put on our plates, but I’m still not sure if I want my son to have a hook on his line yet.

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4 thoughts on “Spring is Here, and some fishing stories.

  1. So very inspiring! I love your blog Nate, it really encourages me when everybody around me is telling me that “what you do won’t make a difference to anybody, so stop worrying about it”. I want to worry about it! And your blog is really awesome to show to friends. And of course i love seeing my little pumpkin muffin in his little fishing hat with his ear folded over! awwwww!

    love you all

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