Christmas Oyster Mushrooms!


Had a wonderful Christmas today. Spent time with my family, got some good books on birds, tracking, and flint knapping, and also received a nice gift from the woods.

This warm rainy weather is great for winter mushrooms, so I headed out to look for some oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus). I made a big loop through the woods behind the cabin we are renting, wandering here and there, climbing over and under fallen trees, and pushing my way through thorny rose bushes. I saw a ton of beautiful mushrooms of various shapes and colors, but no Oyster mushrooms. Finally, I decided to head home. Just as I reached the edge of the woods, with home in sight, I saw several large clusters growing on a downed tree. I checked them out, double checked to make sure that they were what I already knew they were, and harvested a few clusters. I could have taken about 3 times as many, but I like to harvest moderately, leaving some behind for someone or something else, or to spread spores for the future.


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