Book Review: Tracks and Sign of Insects.

059 copy

Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates by Charley Eiseman and Noah Charney

Stackpole Books 2010

This Book is part of a series, including books on the tracks and sign of Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles and Amphibians. All the books in this series are top notch, but this one is both, in my personal opinion, the most well put together and the most fascinating topic.

I have obviously focused pretty heavily on plants, but have always wanted to get into tracking animals. Unfortunately when I tried reading tracking books, the information just didn’t seem to sink in. Fortunately, this book changed all that. As someone with an interest in plants, this was a bridge into the animal kingdom. Many of the traces that insects leave are on plants, and many of them specialize on certain plants. When I got the book, all of a sudden a whole new world opened up to me. I have been looking at both plants and insects differently ever since.

Anyway, Tracks and Sign of insects covers a great selection of bugs and has many detailed photos of their impacts on the world they live in. It is a great companion to the book Garden Insects of North America.

Charley Eiseman also has a blog called Bug Tracks that is worth checking out.

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