Hand Made Brushes.


Recently I have been having fun making paintbrushes with natural materials. They are inspired by Nick Neddo’s book The Organic Artist. The handles are made from privet (Ligustrum spp.) branches, and the bristles and cordage are made from yucca (Yucca spp.) leaf fibers.


I am considering selling brushes like this eventually, but in the meanwhile, the next 5 people who buy a copy of my dvd will get one for free. You can order bellow, or by following the Shop link.


The minimal packaging is a DVD-R with a hand written disc face,
in a folded cover, in a poly sleeve.
It has no barcode or clear wrap.

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Here are a few sample plant profiles from the film.


Thanks for reading,



6 thoughts on “Hand Made Brushes.

    1. Thanks. I wanted to use an invasive species for the handles. Norway maple would be nice, but I would have to drive to find them, so I started using honeysuckle branches, but I just wasn’t a fan of their feel. They tend to be thicker than privet. So i was cutting privet branches for another project, and noticed how thin the youngest ones were. I gave them a try and was impressed. I also really like the way privet feels when I work it with a knife. Anyway, the brushes work great. I made a Youtube vid that I will post here soon.

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