Free Plants?

I have plants available for local pick up. They are being given away on the gift economy. That means they are being given away free of charge, however, if down the road you have found some joy in them, feel free to return the favor by supporting one of my projects, or blessing me with a gift of your own. Also consider donating to Native American groups, considering the plants are grown on stolen land, and most are native plants. Send me an email (NathanRupley@yahooDOTcom), with FREE PLANTS in the subject, if you are interested.

Paw paw trees

Bee balm



Wild ginger (soon)



Gathering Edible Wild Plants

So my dvd has been sold out for a while. I was going to see about selling it in some other format, but because of the current situation with Covid 19, I figured it made more sense to just upload it for free to my Youtube channel. Here is the complete thing, in sections.

OK, Hope you enjoyed. If so, please consider checking out the book I am writing on Patrean. You can find it here.



Chickweed Salad for Lunch.


So today for lunch we had rice, melted cheese, tortilla chips, and salsa. For a salad, I walked out to my semi-wild garden in the light rain and picked a tub full for common chickweed (Stellaria media). We ate it plain, with no dressing. Chickweed is at it’s best right now, here in Lancaster county. The plants are growing fast, and easy to harvest in quantity. I also made a pot of tea with some chickweed, as well as a bunch of other plants from the semi-wild garden.

I have been uploading my dvd (Gathering Edible Wild Plants) to Youtube for free. If you are interested in foraging your own salad, consider checking those videos out, including this one on common chickweed.

Thanks for reading (and watching),


Social Distancing,Updates, and Free Videos!

Hey everyone. Hope you are well.

With the virus going around, and many people having extra time at home, it seemed like a good time for an update, and news about some free content to watch.

We have been spending more time at home in the cabin we rent, and are very grateful for our situation. We have acres of woods to forage and play in, a driveway for skateboarding, a pantry and deep freeze full of food, and of course streaming services.

I have been writing a book. It is called Earth Living: Becoming Useful to the Land, Culture, and Self. It has been coming along nicely, although slower since the kids have been out of school. If you are interested in learning more, you can check it out here.


With so many people self isolating, I figured it would be good for me to start posting more on my Youtube channel. I asked for ideas on social media, and my friend Tim from Earthbound Artisan Sugjested one on basket making. I made this video on building a simple basket.

My foraging DVD has been out of print for a good while, so I figured it would make sense to start putting it out section by section on Youtube for free. I am starting with the intro section (see below) and then will put out each plant profile one at a time. My goal is to release one every day, but no guarantees.

Hope you enjoyed, and remember to subscribe to my blog as well as my Youtube channel to know when more videos drop!



Birthday + Some Mediocre Songs!!!


Hey, it’s my birthday today!!! To celebrate I am releasing an album of songs I have recorded as well a announcing my new label. It isn’t for everyone, but if you like weird ambient drones, samples of a religious and or political nature, as well as bird songs, feel free to check it out.

Some Mediocre Songs is available on my Bandcamp page.

Also see more about my new label Sabbath Harvest Songs.



Drawing, Skateboarding, and More.

So recently I have been expanding what I cover on my Youtube channel. I have been mostly known for my foraging and rewilding, but I have many sides to me. Here are some of my recent videos. Hope you enjoy!



This is a color print on 8.5 x 5.5 cardstock paper, set up for a 5 x 7 frame.

If you are interested in one of these prints, message me for details.




Thanks for reading (and watching),