Rescheduling Mushroom Class!

Hey everyone,

We need to reschedule the mushroom log inoculation class for later in the spring. With the cold weather and snow, we weren’t able to get all our prep work done.

I will post the new date soon!



Tiny Tracks + Update on Mushroom Class


Any idea what this ?

It is sign from a slug or snail. You can see where it has eaten the algae off of the bark of a beech tree. Until recently I had only ever noticed this on wooden benches, picnic tables, and a garage door. Now I keep noticing it on trunks and branches of beech trees.

Here is an update on the Mushroom Log Inoculation Class that William Padilla Brown will be teaching at Millport Conservancy on the 25th of this month (March). As already mentioned, mushroom logs will be available for $5 each. What I had not mentioned is the species that will be available. They are:

Elm Oyster
and Lions Mane

Hope to see you there!