Gathering Edible Wild Plants
in the Eastern Woodlands and Beyond
by Nathan Carlos Rupley
with music by Douglas Thomas.

Connect with Nature while enjoying free, healthy food. Forager Nathan Carlos Rupley introduces you
to the world of gathering edible wild plants in this self shot film. Discover ways to incorporate wild food into your diet
with 20 plant profiles featuring basic identifying characteristics with high quality close-ups of the plants and their various parts
throughout the seasons. Each profile not only assists you with identification, but also covers edible parts and similar plants.
Once you have met the plants, learn about more resources for deepening your relationship with your local ecosystems.
While the film is most relevant to those living in the
Eastern part of North America,many of the plants
grow across the U.S. and beyond.”


Option #1
The professional packaging is a duplicated DVD with a printed disc face,
in a jewel case, with a barcode, and clear wrap.




Option #2
The minimal packaging is a DVD-R with a hand written disc face,
in a folded cover, in a poly sleeve.
It has no barcode or clear wrap.


Here are a few sample plant profiles from the film.


Nathan Carlos Rupley


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