DVD Update, and Eastern White Pine Video.

I have been really struggling with my DVD project this month, but have had some great breakthroughs in the last couple days. Here is a taste of things to come. This is the plant profile for Eastern White Pine, one of 33 total profiles on the DVD. White Pine has edible and medicinal parts that are available in every season including winter.


Nathan Carlos Rupley


February Plant Walk at Millport.

Photo of aniseroot seeds in early February.

So I haven’t really had time to promote this, but I will be there tomorrow if anyone shows up.

10:00 am – 12:00 pm.
@ the Millport Conservancy.
737 E. Millport Rd.
Lititz, PA 17543

Lead by forager and plant nerd
Nathan Carlos Rupley.

We will be learning about a bunch of wild plants around this beautiful property. The main focus will be on edible wild plants, but we will also discuss various other uses including medicine, fiber, tools, basketry, and more. All of this will be covered in the context of ethical harvesting and land management techniques.

Suggested Donation of $15.