1st gathering of the Susquehanna Permaculture Guild.

Photo of some of the people who attended the 1st gathering of the Susquehanna Permaculture Guild.
Some of the people who attended.

We had a really inspiring day today. We went to the first gathering of the Susquehanna Permaculture Guild at Safe Harbor Park in Conestoga Township. It was a productive and enjoyable time in a beautiful setting. Can’t beat listening to someone share their ideas on a sustainable culture, while gazing at a vulture floating in the sunlight above a hackberry tree still loaded with fruit.

Both my wife and I managed to be involved because of a generous volunteer who hung out with our son. He had a great time. Afterwards he asked why I had a meeting, and I told him it was because we were trying to figure out how to work with other Permaculture people. He told me that he had had a Permaculture meeting at the playground.

One of the more exciting things discussed was the Mycelium Collective and it’s vision of making Permaculture Design Certificates more accessible and personalized. I’m sure I will be sharing more about this and other projects in the coming months.



Gratitude: Louie Schwartzberg TEDxSF.

I’m not usually real interested in things that are considered “inspirational”, but this video is really moving.

What did you like or dislike about this video? Did it inspire you to do anything differently? Do you think it misses the mark anywhere?