Spring Plant Walk April 28th


Spring Plant Walk

Learn the basics of plant identification,
what plants are edible or have other uses,
and how to interact with them in ways
that are mutually beneficial.

When: Saturday, April 28 from 10-noon
Where: Millport Conservancy, 737 E Millport Rd, Lititz, PA
Cost: $15 suggested donation.


Paint Brushes Update.

So I had some requests to see how the paint brushes I made here worked, so I made this video.


Anyway, as of right now 3 of the 5 dvds with free brushes included have sold. Here is a pic of the finished painting I did. Let me know if you are interested in it.


It isn’t my normal style, but it is a fun little painting. I hope to do more soon.

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Hand Made Brushes.


Recently I have been having fun making paintbrushes with natural materials. They are inspired by Nick Neddo’s book The Organic Artist. The handles are made from privet (Ligustrum spp.) branches, and the bristles and cordage are made from yucca (Yucca spp.) leaf fibers.


I am considering selling brushes like this eventually, but in the meanwhile, the next 5 people who buy a copy of my dvd will get one for free. You can order bellow, or by following the Shop link.


The minimal packaging is a DVD-R with a hand written disc face,
in a folded cover, in a poly sleeve.
It has no barcode or clear wrap.

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Here are a few sample plant profiles from the film.


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1st Morel of 2017 + Updates.


So I found my 1st morel of 2017! Watch the video below, then find out more of what is going on this spring.

I knew the morel wasn’t prime when I was there, but I didn’t realize how far gone it was until I watched the video and saw it close up. I also only noticed 1 of the cute little spiders crawling on it. After I shot the video, I found 2 more morels, one tiny and one relatively large, but both were in as bad shape as the 1st one. Hopefully we get some good rain soon.


For local people (Lancaster County PA) don’t forget the plant walk I am leading Saturday April 22 @1pm @ Millport Conservancy, and the mushroom class William Padilla Brown is teaching Friday April 28th from 5:30 pm till 8:00 pm, also at Millport. Ask me if you have any questions.

Also, I have been posting more videos on Youtube than I had for a while.

Here are some plant videos:

And here are some book reviews:

Thanks for reading and watching, and let me know what you want me to cover in any upcoming videos!

Tiny Tracks + Update on Mushroom Class


Any idea what this ?

It is sign from a slug or snail. You can see where it has eaten the algae off of the bark of a beech tree. Until recently I had only ever noticed this on wooden benches, picnic tables, and a garage door. Now I keep noticing it on trunks and branches of beech trees.

Here is an update on the Mushroom Log Inoculation Class that William Padilla Brown will be teaching at Millport Conservancy on the 25th of this month (March). As already mentioned, mushroom logs will be available for $5 each. What I had not mentioned is the species that will be available. They are:

Elm Oyster
and Lions Mane

Hope to see you there!




Mushroom Log Inoculation Class.


Excited to announce that I am hosting a class taught by my friend William Padilla Brown!

When: Saturday March 25th, from 1:00-3:30.

Where: At the Millport Concervancy, 737 E Millport Rd, Lititz, PA 17543.

Mushroom Log Cultivation Techniques- Mushrooms love to grow on logs in nature. We can recreate natural processes by intentionally introducing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms to recently cut logs. This afternoon class will take you though a presentation and hands on workshop helping you to understand the life cycle of the mushrooms and decide which species best suits your needs.

Cost: $15 for the class + $5 for any inoculated logs you choose to take home.