Photo of me hiking in the woods near the Susquehanna river.

Nathan Carlos Rupley is currently a stay at home dad, self employed artist, and aspiring hunter-gatherer.

When he is not hanging out with his family or walking in the woods, he is usually reading about simple living, foraging, fishing, native agriculture, forest gardening, permaculture, natural building, “primitive” technology, philosophy, applied ecology, theology and more.

Most of Nate’s art and design is created intuitively. He continues to work with many different materials, but finds himself most interested in learning to create  landscapes that are largely self-sustaining and can provide for the needs of all its residents (humans and wildlife).

Nate runs Mycorrhizal Films, a small film company, and in early 2015 he released Gathering Edible Wild Plants in the Eastern Woodlands and Beyond. It is an instructional film about foraging, and covers 20 different plants with high quality close ups.

Nate also teaches foraging classes and leads plant walks. He mostly teaches solo, but has also taught with Jonathan Darby at the Horn Farm Center, and with Wilson Alvarez from the ReWilding School and Susquehanna Permaculture.

Email Nate at nathanrupley@yahoo.com, with any comments, questions, or if you are interested in foraging classes, plant walks, or want to rewild your yard.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Nathan,
    Great color! Vibrant. I also love how the tight perspective of your shots creates a sense of intimacy with your subjects. Cool stuff! I’ll be signing up as a subscriber.

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